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Quality Assurance Statement and Program

SteedPetro LLC realizes that total commitment to quality results in high performance compliance, improvement, early detection of deficiencies, and effective means of monitoring corrective actions in every aspect of the contract.  Our philosophy is that quality yields tangible benefits to our customers and to us is clearly ingrained in our personnel at all operating levels.  This focus of correcting services begins at our corporate level.

The Company’s commitment to quality is rooted in experience and dedication to constant service improvement.  We have management structures and staff personnel knowledgeable in creating the appropriate controls that will maintain a high quality of service and encourage continued improvement.  We understand that a proper quality control program results in a capability to meet quality goals, measure actual quality performance, compare it with our standards, and act on any differences.  Finally, our quality control program is dedicated to quality improvement, findings ways to do better than the standard, and breaking through to unprecedented levels of performance.

Our quality Control Program is fully implemented by our Quality Program Plan (QPP).  The QPP guides the coordinated actions of contract staff; equipment, and management to achieve the quality goal.  Maximum use will be made of inspections, checklists, and training and proper safety procedures.  These tools will assist the Company in early identification and prevention of defects in the quality of services we provide.

Our QA program includes the following:

  • Interface and communication systems displaying formal and informal interactions with personnel performing technical tasks and management officials
  • Development and maintenance of a Quality Assurance Program that protects the interests of the government
  • An inspection system covering all the tasks and services to be provided by the company. Our inspections will cover all the services listed in the service delivery schedule of each solicitation. It will specify’ areas to be inspected on a scheduled or unscheduled basis, the manner in which inspections are to be conducted, and the individuals who will do the inspections
  • A method of identifying deficiencies in the quality of services performed before the level of performance becomes unacceptable

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