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SteedPetro LLC

1215 19th Street NW

Third Floor

Washington, D.C. 20036-2401

Telephone: 202. 297.3734

Fax: 202.463.2110



SteedPetro is a new company and has not heretofore had the opportunity to perform on government contracts as an entity.  However, our CEO, COO, and management team have extensive experience in managing small and medium size companies, and performing government contracts.  We have in-depth experience in Navy Ship Systems, and Navy operations.  We have experience in supporting similar projects that provide institutional support services in areas such as supply and provisioning support, logistics support, engineering, configuration management, in-service engineering, ship overhaul planning, fleet introduction, installation and checkout.

Our personnel experiences are directly relevant to the requirements outlined in the Statement of Work (SOW).  SteedPetro professionals have been providing professional support services to federal, state, local government and private industry for many years.  For example, our personnel have managed government contracts and delivered services for DOD, US Army, US Navy, GSA, FAA, DOT, EPA, DOE, and others.

In regard to the above, the past performance of our professionals is directly related to the requirements outlined in Solicitation No. N00178-13-R-4000 and outlined in the History and Technical tabs.

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